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It has been a challenging year for UK businesses, particularly with the uncertainty surrounding the situation between Britain and the European Union. However, despite all these challenges, this has not stopped UK businesses from achieving true excellence in their respective sectors.

Success takes many forms in the business world and ranges from the ability to consistently deliver high quality service and products, to being the driving force behind innovation in their industry, thus helping the everyone involved in their sector to thrive.

As such, the 2016 UK Corporate Excellence Awards focus on firms across the United Kingdom who have proved, without a doubt, that they have been achieving business excellence despite the challenging conditions that this year has presented. Firms of all sizes, ages, specialisms and values are featured here; we believe in rewarding any firm that has created a reputation founded on their dedication to excellence, and which has shown that they are at the forefront of their sector.

Our dedicated awards team have had to undertake months of in-depth research in order to determine and reward those businesses which they believe are ahead of the pack. They have carefully evaluated each nomination and examined every nominee; evaluating their performance over the past year, their market, their methods and even their competition. The winners of our 2016 UK Corporate Excellence Awards can rest soundly knowing that to win one of our prestigious awards, they truly must rank amongst the best in their business.

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