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Every successful business grows from its roots. In order to grow, it needs to be nurtured from the bottom up. Just like natural resources, Human Resources are often buried deep inside the business – you have to create the circumstances in which they will show themselves. At the core of every business, you’ll find a HR & Training department working hard to make your employees flourish.

Corporate Vision is proud to announce the debut of the 2016 HR & Training Awards. We want to honour those who work tirelessly to help your business grow. There’s no job to small, so whether you’re a HR Advisor or even an Executive Coach – we’ve got you covered and it’s your turn to be in the spotlight. 

We’ll be honouring every aspect of HR & Training, from different companies, teams and even individuals from every corner of the globe. Each winner is awarded purely on the basis of nominations, peers and industry professionals.

To put yourself or a revered establishment you know forward for the 2016 HR & Training Awards, please use the voting form below.

For more information, please view our FAQs.

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2016 HR & Training Awards

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