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Businesses must demonstrate why they should be classed as Corporate Visions 2017 Large Business of the Year in the following categories; growth (both financial and personnel), investment in staff, involvement within the local community, customer service, exports and innovation.

Every day across the globe, large businesses continue to grow and run successfully in this ever-changing, competitive industry. Established companies who are raising the bar within its sector or surging ahead of its competitors with its latest results. With these large business creating new waves in the industry, and reaching such remarkable heights, it is only right that they are recognised justly.

The 2017 Large Business Awards are designed to highlight the truly special firms and give them the recognition that they so justly deserve. We are identifying those whose innovative methods, outstanding results, growth (both financial and personnel) and drive for success has seen them surge ahead of the competition.

 As is the case with all of our awards programmes, the 2017 Large Business Awards are rewarded on merit and merit alone. Regardless of the number votes received, the recipients of this award have been decided based upon the exhaustive and rigorous research and judging process, that has been carried out by our devoted in-house team.

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced soon. 

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