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Read All about It!

September 13, 2017


Read All about It! is Africa’s biggest online news publisher. After their success in receiving the exclusive 2017 Most Innovative Tech Firm - South Africa award, as part of the 2017 Tech of the Year Awards, we spoke to Kathryn Astbury to learn more about the biggest digital news publisher in Africa. is Africa’s biggest online news publisher. They publish news across several digital platforms including News24, Netwerk24, Fin24, Sport24, Traveller24, Wheels24, Parent24, Food24, W24 & Channel24, HuffPost South Africa, plus several apps including Bounce News Nigeria, Daily Kick, Sliced, NetNuus, Netwerk24, News24 Edge & News24. The types of clients they work with are advertisers and agencies across all industries from financial, to retail, to FMCG.

Kathryn Astbury begins by telling us about the business and its ongoing strategy, their approach when undertaking a new project and the challenges they have overcome to be successful firm.

“’s mantra is breaking news first. As the biggest digital news publisher in Africa, is our
political responsibility to commit to bringing credible news to our audiences. We are part of the great Media24 group and we live by rules of governance including team work, putting clients first, executing fast, employing the best and having fun. We also aim to enrich our audiences with innovation.

“It’s never just another campaign - the firm always see it as a partnership - and most importantly we listen to the clients’ objectives and then build the campaign around that. We’d suggest the most relevant brand/s to align with and then leverage the strengths of that property to deliver on the KPI’s, but we always look for a fresh angle, to present the campaign in a unique way that sets it apart from the clutter.

“The high costs of data and technology make it difficult for the digital publishing industry
to deliver content to users and for them in turn, to access the content. Putting’s readers at the front and centre of our strategy, ensures that the products we create are user-centric and address these challenges.

“For instance, the quality and depth of’s content keeps the users engaged and highly informed. Secondly, the high penetration of social media means that everyone with a social account is a content creator. To remain relevant in a society flooded with content, we must constantly rethink our position in community, whilst remaining South Africa’s largest digital publisher.”

Kathryn then underlines the firm’s key attributes that make them successful and how it feels to win the exclusive 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm - South Africa accolade. She also explains how the industry has changed over the years and how this has impacted upon the business.

“ has the audience. We were first to market many years ago - and since then we have kept up the momentum of innovation. On winning the 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm - South Africa award, it’s a huge honour to be recognised as a leader in our industry here in Africa, so thank you. We will continually strive to add value to our users and clients alike, by product and advertising innovation.

“The digital industry is always changing. can change with it, predict trends and stay ahead of the curve. These factors have been our recipe for success.”
Kathryn then shares her thoughts on the current state of the industry and how this impacts upon the firm’s work.

“It’s an evolving industry, in an ever-changing digital landscape, which makes it an exciting place to be. South Africa is an emerging market and a rainbow nation. We have many different markets, this is both exciting and challenging, as our portfolio of products must serve many markets. As a mobile first nation, data costs are high.

“To grow’s market share, we must constantly think and be ahead of the curve. Despite our size - we must be willing to look at how tech companies in other industries are innovating - and how that is affecting their respective sectors. In the next five years, we believe that will have grown its market share, through our tried and tested user-centric approach to business.”

In closing, Kathryn tells us about her future aspirations regarding the business.
“We are always looking at ways to enhance the end user experience and personalise content. This will include advanced machine learning and AI.”


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