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To build a successful business, every single factor needs to be catered for and developed, which is why effective, timely and relevant communication is such a vital cog in any company’s machinery. Encompassing all aspects of this, marketing, PR or communications team are dedicated and highly trained individuals who are committed to telling their and their clients’ stories to the world in the most imaginative and effective ways possible.

As companies continue to become increasingly globalised, creating and maintaining a strong corporate character opens up new boundaries and presents a variety of fresh and different challenges and opportunities. The 2016 Marketing, PR & Communications Awards are designed to shine a light on those who maintain relationships, convey fresh ideas and encourage businesses to bloom. 

Our experienced awards team undertake an enormous amount of rigorous research, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that these prestigious prizes are allocated only to the professionals that truly deserve them. These awards are based 100% on merit and are a reflection of those people and businesses currently making an impact in their industry.

We need your votes to make this a true representation of the best the industry has to offer. Click the button below to vote for a deserving firm, individual or team.



View our 2015 Winner's Supplement below.

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